Massage in Korea

Massage parlours in the Korean peninsula are in hot demand these days. Seoul massage services (and those throughout Korea) offer Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, and body massages to both locals and travelers. And if you’re looking for information about the famous Korean happy ending massages, expert guidance is right around the corner. Discover now these secrets of insider journeymen who have not only combed the Korean landscape for ultimate massage treats, they’ve also prepared a map for newcomers to follow. Enjoy the ride!

Korea Massage Center offers Shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai massage.

Korean Massage History

As in many Asian countries, South Korea enjoys a rich history of massage techniques going back thousands of years. While Shiatsu therapy was being developed in Japan, the Korean peninsula was among the first to utilize acupressure. Going back as far as 3000 BC, the early Koreans were using bone needles to apply pressure to specific body points, and very similar acupressure therapy is still popular in the area today.

Acupressure – A Korean Tradition

Acupressure was developed about 5000 years ago in Asia, primarily in China and the Korean peninsula. An effective therapy technique that still baffles many medical professionals, the stimulation of specific pressure points does a lot more than relieve pain in that area (although that was probably it’s first purpose). The points have proven to effectively increase functionality of internal organs and distant body areas as well, although western medicine has difficulty explaining such results. Acupressure is as popular as ever in Korea these days, a massage technique given to us by the ancients that has proven to relieve pain and increase body function throughout the ages.

Soapy massage parlour in Seoul.

Shiatsu & Thai Massage

Other popular eastern therapy techniques have been employed by Korean practitioners for hundreds of years. Shiatsu and Thai massages both enjoyed popularity in Korea, and are among the most requested among Seoul clients. Both of these techniques employ finger and hand stimulation of specific body points, and result in increasing the balance of the body. While a traditional Thai massage also uses stretches to increase flexibility, both of these eastern massage types are effective at increasing balance, restoring energy, and often leave clients feeling healthy and well-rested.

Swedish Massage

A more recent trend among Seoul therapy centers if the offering of the Swedish technique. Vastly different from eastern massage, the Swedish massage therapists utilizes long strokes of muscle groups to relieve pain and release energy stored in limbs and the torso. The Swedish massage is an excellent choice for those suffering muscular fatigue due to hard physical work or sports. Healing of soreness is a trademark of this type of massage, and it had enjoyed increasing popularity in Korea and throughout the world.

A Word About Jjimjilbang Massage Centers

Any visitor to Korea should become familiar with the Jjimjilbang bath houses popular throughout many cities. Although it technically means a “hot bath house”, a Jjimjilbang is often more like a recreation facility. Typically you’ll find a selection of hot baths, saunas, and salt rooms, along with massage therapy typically eastern in nature. The larger ones can also offer relaxing areas equipped with televisions, lounge chairs, and even sleeping facilities.

Full Body Massage

Although many massage therapists consider it more recreational than therapeutic, the body-to-body or happy ending massages in Korea are also highly sought after, especially by foreign businessmen. Although few large parlours will offer these services due to recent crackdowns, both gataek and chuljang massage girls are kept busy by high demand. Foreign men should use caution whenever seeking such massages, as authorities are always setting traps for not only therapists but massage customers as well.

Massage in Korea has a rich and storied tradition, from groundbreaking acupressure therapy 5000 years ago to the modern Seoul parlours offering Shiatsu, Thai, and even Swedish techniques. Whichever massage type you desire, you can find it in Korea. In fact, the nation is one of the best places in the world when it comes to variety, quality, and culture of massage therapy.

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